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Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:25:22 PM
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Interested to know whether this site will take a negative or positive position on discussing [tisdu] boots or not. There is a mass of Zep and Zep-related [tisdu] bootleg material available for collectors now.

Regards, Michael

DVD delivered [tisdu] sets:

Led Zeppelin, Jimmy’s New Band, January 5 1969, and 9 1970 1DVD-[tisdu]SV
Led Zeppelin, The Complete BBC Radio Sessions, 1969-71 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Two from ’69, April 26/July 25 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, The Devil's Blues April 27 1969 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Schaefer Music Festival, New York, July 21 1969 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Vancouver, March 21 1970 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Three [tisdu] Blueberry’s September 4 1970 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Pre BBC April 1st 1971 upgrade 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, BBC Zep, ex Genuine Masters, April 1st 1971 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Peter's PA Montreux Aug 7 1971 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Orlando-You Really Got Some [tisdu] Now August 31 1971 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Osaka September 29th 1971, 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Leicester November 25 1971, 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Memorial [tisdu] Adelaide February 19 1972 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Kiwi [tisdu] Express, Auckland 1972 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] Brisbane Boogie 1972 (exGM) 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Rovers Return to [tisdu], Sydney 1972 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Burn That [tisdu] Candle, LA Forum 25 June 1972 (exGM) 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Southampton Uni, January 22 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]SV
Led Zeppelin, Vienna and Munich, March 16 and 17 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Not Warm, It's Hot [tisdu] Offenburg March 24 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Going [tisdu] Mobile, Mobile AL May 13 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Johnny Piston and the Dogs, New Orleans May 14 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco June 2 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Sweet [tisdu] Dreams, Chicago, July 6 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, The Effect is [tisdu]ing, MSG NY July 28 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Grand Finale, MSG NY July 29 1973 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Philadelphia, February 8 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, And Now the East is One, February 12 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
(pictures by Genuine Masters; sound, BlueCongo Matrix [tisdu]'d
Led Zeppelin, St. Louis, February 16 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Chasing the Dragon, Dallas TX March 4 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Days Confused, Dallas TX March 5 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin. Long Beach CA, March 11 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Mystic [tisdu] San Diego March 14 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] Snow Jobs, Vancouver March 19 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] Seattle March 21 1975 (exGM) 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Deep Throat 3, Inglewood CA March 27th 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S
(pictures by Genuine Masters)
Led Zeppelin, Earls Court May 18 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]S (+ some video content)
Led Zeppelin, Earls Court, May 24 1975 ex Cosmic Energy 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Heavy Metal Kids, Earl’s Court May 24, 25 1975 ex-EV
Led Zeppelin, Earls Court May 24 1975 updated 1DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Court Jesters, Earl’s Court May 24 1975, ex Genuine Masters 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, When We Were Kings, Earl’s Court May 25 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Earls Court May 25 1975 updated 1DVD-[tisdu]SV
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] of the Holy Grail, May 25 1975 3DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Unstoppable Metal Machine, May 25 1975 1DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Great Chicago Fire, April 7-10 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Louisville, Kentucky April 25 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Destroyer [tisdu], April 27 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] Dragon Snake, Houston May 21 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Bringing the House Down, Landover 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Rocks in the Garden, MSG, New York June 10 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, MSG, NYC June 11 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Hear Some Awesome [tisdu], Eddie, June 21 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, [tisdu] Badgeholders June 23 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Saturday Night’s Great with [tisdu] June 25th 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, supersonic[tisdu]Seattle, July 17 1977 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Copenhagen Warm-Ups, July 23/4 1979 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Boogie Mama’s Knebworth August 4 1979 1DVD-[tisdu]
(double-layer disc)
Led Zeppelin, Knebworth, August 4 1979, [tisdu] Secrets Revealed 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Knebworth, August 11 1979 "[tisdu] of the Dinosaurs" 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, A Long Way to Knebworth, August 11 1979 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Berlin July 7 1980, ex Eternal Magic sbd, 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Three Shows – 1969, 1973, Never 1DVD-[tisdu]SV
Led Zeppelin, 02 Arena, London December 10 2007 2DVD-[tisdu]
- Third Eye video/audio; 3Eye Video and Wendy, or Todd/Clay, or
Jules McTrainspotter audio; KatzEye video/audio (5 versions)

Zep Compilations:

Led Zeppelin, Assemblage in 1DVD-[tisdu] plus Texas Pop 1969 2DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Beelzebub Four, [tisdu] Won, 1969/70/71 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, “…ascending, 1969” February 14 to June 27, eight sets 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, 3 From '73 USA: Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Buffalo 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Seven [tisdu] Years, Munich ’73, Zurich ‘80 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Europe 1973 Volume 1, Vienna and Munich 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, Live [tisdu] 1975 USA, seven shows, 1DVD-[tisdu]S AC3-multi
Led Zeppelin, Great Chicago Fire, April 6,7,9,19 1977 1DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, “in California, 1977” June 19 and 27, two sets, 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, “Compare and Contrast Copenhagen”, July 23 1979 1DVD-[tisdu]
Led Zeppelin, Complete 1980 European Tour 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Led Zeppelin, What Jimmy Didn't Do... done DVD-[tisdu] 1DVD-[tisdu]S
(pictures by Genuine Masters; sound from many sources)
Led Zeppelin, Three Reunions with [tisdu], 1985-88-95 1DVD-[tisdu]

Page and Plant, “Unledded Sessions, Day 1” plus bonuses 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Pensacola bits 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, 8 Shows from 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Page and Plant, Philadelphia, April 4 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, MGM Grand, Las Vegas May 12 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Los Angeles, with Lili Haydn, May 17 1995 2DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, 1995 tour, "Eternally Burning in [tisdu]", 3DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Mexico City, September 23 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Mexico City, September 24 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Denver, September 30 1995 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Buenos Aires, January 25 1996 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Rio de Janeiro, January 27 1996 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Budokan [tisdu] Party, Tokyo February 13 1996 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Sydney Feb 25, Melbourne Feb 29 1996 1DVD-[tisdu]SV
Page and Plant, Miami, Florida May 22 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Pepsi Arena, Albany NY July 11 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, New York July 16 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, East Rutherford NJ July 18 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY July 19 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, The Gorge, September 6 1998 1DVD-[tisdu] upgrade
Page and Plant, San Diego, September 21 1998 2DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant, Live at the 10 Spot, Bucharest, 1998 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant… and Jools, 1998 promotions, and rehearsals 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Page - Plant - Jones, various solo gigs 1DVD-[tisdu]
Page and Plant; and John Paul Jones, in 2001 1DVD-[tisdu]

Robert Plant, 1986-2007 various 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Toronto May 10 1988 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Hamilton December 12 1988 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Orlando, Florida October 21 1990 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Centerstage July 2 1993 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Robin Hood Foundation Benefit, May 31 2001 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Beacon Theater, June 26 2005 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Nashville, June 29 2005 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Robert Plant, Trafic Musique, French TV 2005 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Five Shows, February/March 2005 1DVD-[tisdu]S
Robert Plant, Switzerland, March 10 2006 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant, Arthur Lee Benefit, June 23, 2006 1DVD-[tisdu]
Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Crossroads 1DVD-[tisdu]

Coverdale Page, Osaka December 20 1993 1DVD-[tisdu]

The Firm, Hammersmith Odeon, London December 1984 1DVD-[tisdu]
The Firm, Smugglers 1DVD-[tisdu]S plus wavs4cdrs

Jimmy Page, Detroit October 22 1988 1DVD-[tisdu]
Jimmy Page, Syracuse NY November 4 1988 1DVD-[tisdu]
Jimmy Page Plays Zep Without Plant, 1983-1999 1DVD-[tisdu]
Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, Greek Theatre October 19 1999 1DVD-[tisdu]
Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes, Jones Beach 2000 1DVD-[tisdu]

Your Overlord
Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:54:15 PM

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I moved this to the general forum because the Bootleg forum is designed to discuss individual releases.

As far as the topic at hand goes, I don't mind discussing any Zeppelin topic, but I don't think that I will be including any fan releases in the database. Otherwise we would have to include things like Matrices and remasters and things like that and that is a big mess.

If these releases are by a label then perhaps eventually I can include some of them, but there is a lot of stuff that I would want to get to before then.
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